309 MRE|ГК ТАЭЛЬ|Прессы гидравлические для макулатуры, ПЭТ, ТБО

309 MRE

Polyester tape is widely used worldwide for packaging compacted bales of waste paper and other materials. It is light, strong, easy to use, does not rust and does not leave stains on the product.  

1. Ease of using, binds to a node manually and does not require the use of clamps, tongs, as in the case of PP or PET tapes. 
2. High elasticity, resilience, strength. 
3. It does not react to temperature changes from + 50 to -50. 
4. Saves time for tying several times. 
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Article 309 MRE
Tape Width mm 9
Tape Length in a Roll m 350
The Inner Diameter of the Spool mm 60
Tensile Strength kg 275
Winding Width mm 145
The Outer Diameter of the Spool mm 160