This model is designed for baling waste paper, waste from textile and clothing industry.

Productivity per shift (8 working hours): up to 1600 kg.
The press is set on a flat surface without any prior preparation.
*made to an individual order
Available with bunker door (extra charge added to the cost of 3%),
Standard version price 131 701 RUB
Version with automatic pressing cycle price 182 131 RUB


Press force tons 4
Power Point Characteristics 220 V 2,2 kW
Dimensions (H×W×L) mm 2300x1000x600
Loading Box (HхW) mm 550x750
Machine Weight kg 450
Bale Dimensions (H×W×L) mm 750x750x500
Bale Weight (depends on the material) kg 40 ÷ 60
Pressing Cycle sec 35
Removing the Bale Mechanized
Tying the Bale Manually
Stroke Step mm 640 ÷ 690
Binding Thread Quantity pcs 2
Price:             131 701/182 131 RUB
1 631/2 256 EUR