TAEL 9300|ГК ТАЭЛЬ|Прессы гидравлические для макулатуры, ПЭТ, ТБО

TAEL 9300

This model is designed for baling waste paper, corrugated cardboard, waste from textile and clothing industry, foam rubber, polyethylene waste, PET bottles. Plate mounting mechanism is improved, that facilitates maintenance of the press.

The productivity per shift (8 working hours): up to 9000 kg.
The press is set on a flat surface without any prior preparation.
Available with bunker door (extra charge added to the cost of 3%),

Press force tons 30
Power Point Characteristics 380V 7,5 kW
Dimensions (H×W×L) mm 3100×1400×950
Loading Box (HхW) mm 600×1100
Machine Weight kg 1200
Bale Dimensions (H×W×L) mm 900×1100×750
Bale Weight (depends on the material) kg 200 ÷ 450
Pressing Cycle sec 45
Removing the Bale Mechanized
Tying the Bale Manually
Binding Thread Quantity pcs 4