HBP-18Sh|ГК ТАЭЛЬ|Прессы гидравлические для макулатуры, ПЭТ, ТБО


This model is designed for pressing wool padding polyester waste, spinning waste.

It is set on a flat surface without any prior preparation.
Standard version price 373 073 RUB
Version with automatic pressing cycle price 423 503 RUB

Press force tons 18
Power Point Characteristics 380 V 7,5 kW
Dimensions (H×W×L) mm 4100×2000×650
Loading Box (HхW) mm 500×950
Machine Weight kg 1800
Bale Dimensions (H×W×L) mm 500×950×500
Bale Weight (depends on the material) kg 50 ÷ 200
Removing the Bale Mechanized
Tying the Bale Manually
Binding Thread Quantity pcs 12