HBP-2101|ГК ТАЭЛЬ|Прессы гидравлические для макулатуры, ПЭТ, ТБО


This model is designed for baling waste paper, waste from textile and clothing industry, as well as fine leaved metals and polyethylene waste, PET bottles.
Productivity per shift (8 working hours): 2,0-4,0 t.
The press is set on a flat surface without any prior preparation.
Standard version price 181 626 RUB
Version with automatic pressing cycle price 232 056 RUB

Pressing Force t 10
Power Point Characteristics 220V, 2,2 kW
Dimensions (H×W×L) mm 2600x1100x750
Loading Box (HхW) mm 450x800
Machine Weight kg 550
Bale Dimensions (H×W×L) mm 900х800х600
Bale Weight before (depends on the material) kg 60-110
Pressing Cycle sek 65
Removing the Bale Mechanized
Tying the Bale Manually
Binding Thread Quantity pcs 3