Oil VMGZ|ГК ТАЭЛЬ|Прессы гидравлические для макулатуры, ПЭТ, ТБО


Hydraulic oil VMGZ is waxy low-viscosity mineral base. It contains antiwear, antioxidant, antifoam additives. Oil is suitable for hydraulic drive and hydraulic control systems, road building , harvesting, handling and pressing machines working outdoors with the working volume of oil in temperatures from -30 to + 40 °C depending on the pump type.
Excellent viscosity-temperature properties over a wide temperature range, high oxidation and chemical stability provide long-term permanent working oil in the hydraulic system, protect hydraulic components from wear and corrosion. Good anti-foam properties.
It is recommended as all-season oil for northern regions but for the average geographical area as for winter.

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