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Polyester tape

In all modern balling and packaging cardboard, polyester tapes (movies) using a soft polyester Restraint belt. This band has a number of advantages over other materials tied :
- The resistance of polyester tape with a width of 9-24 mm constitutes 250-720 kg, which is comparable to the stability of the steel bands.
- The economy is one of the most important advantages of the tape for pulp and paper promishlenosttova that this kind of tape damage or mar the surface of the load , allows in most cases to eliminate the use of protective corners.
- Resistance to weathering ( polyester not rust and leave rust stains on the surface of the load) .
- It is suitable for handling during transport and storage (the weight of the polyester tape is 9 times less than that of the steel strip, the absence of sharp edges , eliminates the possibility of cutting , the strip will not rust during storage .