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About us

PGP satiety are reliable and affordable equipment that has proved the market for RF and CIS . In 2013 the group companies taels started their production in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

A distinctive feature of our presses is easy operation, available spare parts, work in all weather conditions.

Thanks to our designers, we created a balanced presses, friendly service staff without special training that have high repair capability , allowing their use in both small towns and in big cities. Availability of spare parts, components and assemblies used in the production of fresh , easy repair positively affects the financial results and ongoing costs of operation and maintenance of our equipment .

Delivered fresh PGP are fully ready for use , do not require pre-prepared foundation , anchoring and other fastening to the floor, temperature controlled during operation .

100% quality control of each unit left the manufacturer . Highly qualified specialists of our company will advise you on the optimal selection and operation of equipment for your business needs and also will provide professional warranty and post warranty service.